Looking for the Fox – OWPC

The challenge word this week’s One Word Photo Challenge is Fox.

I looked everywhere but couldn’t find a photo I took of a Fox ,so I’m just displaying my foxy humour with a few more or less pertinent photos.

I hope you enjoy!

Daily Post Photo Challenge – Wish


The Daily Post Photo Challenge is a weekly photography challenge. This weeks challenge is Wish.

I took this photo while in Japan and it is in the grounds of a Shinto temple. The trunks of the trees are adorned with bad fortunes.

THE “OMIKUJI” FORTUNE. Most shrines sell fortunes called Omikuji おみくじ. Just look for a small rounded container filled with bamboo sticks at the shrine kiosk. Pay the attendant (typically 100 yen), pick up the container, give it a shake, and a long stick will pop out of a small hole at the top. The stick will have a number, which corresponds to a fortune. Based on your number, the attendant gives you a tiny slip/roll of paper on which is written your fortune. If you draw a good fortune, keep it, take it home with you. But if it’s bad, leave it at the shrine, don’t take it home. Just look around, and you’ll find a small stand with many strips of white paper tied on. These are bad fortunes and you should tie yours here too. The concept is “leave the bad luck at the shrine, where the divine spirit can exorcise it.

Daily Post Photo Challenge – Graceful

When my wife and I were in Japan we passed by a field of white and pink Lotus Flowers in various stages of blossom. Although we were visiting a castle we made sure we had the time to backtrack to the field to enjoy the flowers and take a few photos.

This is my entry to this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge which is graceful.

The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Jubilant


Two photo challenges in one day because yesterday we were away in Liverpool to see Gordon Lightfoot in concert. Excellent Concert!

I love mixing and matching so if you have the time listen to Gordon!



Careful – Geisha Games : The Daily Post Photo Challenge

© 2014, Graham Lawrence
© 2014, Graham Lawrence

The subject of this weeks Daily Post Photo Challenge is Careful.

This photo was taken in Tokyo last year where we were fortunate to attend a Geisha Ceremony.

After the song and dance segment of the ceremony, the Geisha’s partook in party games with the spectators.

This particular game consisted of launching a fan to knock down an object on a pedestal. Here the Geisha is demonstrating how it should be done. It requires precise and delicate movements in order for the fan to fly towards the object without overflying or falling to the floor.

After both participants have been ‘coached’ they have three attempts each to knock down the object. The winner receives a silk square and the loser has to drink a shot of Sake in one go. (So both participants win!)