Twittering Tales #148

The Helicopter “This’ll flush them out”, I insisted. “Not a chance in hell”, you sneered. I piloted the drone remotely, whilst checking the images on my phone. From here at least it looked impressive. It’s not the size or noise of the beast that matters. “Once we localise them, it’ll be game over!” (280 chars) … Continue reading Twittering Tales #148

Photo Souvenir #20

Today’s souvenir comes from Lincoln with a view towards Lincoln Cathedral. Lincoln Castle is just behind me. Lincoln is a great town to visit and we always enjoy going there. It was only an hour from Grimsby where we used to live and even now is only about an hour and a half from where … Continue reading Photo Souvenir #20


Continuing my exploration of online portfolios and WordPress Themes here is a close-up of a flower from my collection. With a bit of luck this should automatically post to my Facebook Page rather than me having to cut and paste the link and insert into post on my feed. This is far from perfect but … Continue reading Flower