Balloons over Bagan

I've decided to put some order into my videoclips and have been making short videos less than 2.5 minutes and have been putting them on Facebook. I thought I would try and post one here and find out what you think. My wife and I visited Myanmar in early 2017 and were fortunate to make… Continue reading Balloons over Bagan

A Photo a Day : St Aiden, Lindisfarne

Today's photo was taken in Lindisfarne, Northumberland which is a fascinating place to visit. Careful not to venture out when the tide is low however¬†because the road is flooded. You can obtain Mead at the local shop, it's a wonderful beverage! This is a statue of St. Aiden which can be found in the shadow… Continue reading A Photo a Day : St Aiden, Lindisfarne

A Photo a Day : Eros

Eros This is the last of my London photos for now. I'm sure you've recognised this statue of Eros from London's Piccadilly Circus. I've discovered that in actual fact the statue is modelled on Eros's brother Anteros and the monument is called the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain. You can follow the link above to learn more.