I hit a milestone this morning. My little blog hit 500 Followers. That’s incredible, and a bit mind blowing to be honest. I am so grateful to all you lovely people for reading my flash fiction and looking at my photos. I read every comment and appreciate every like and both your comments and your … Continue reading Milestones

Cruising and Me

Cruising and Me Cruising is not for everyone. There is something adventurous about going on a cruise but I didn’t discover it until late in life. I guess this makes me a typical cruise passenger, in the eyes of many. What held me back from cruising was the thought of all those people confined in … Continue reading Cruising and Me

The Robot Revolution

The Robot Revolution The robot revolution was insidious. Everybody saw it coming but viewed it as an opportunity and not as a threat. Factory floors that once bustled with workers, whirred silently whilst the chosen few surveyed the machines. Then machines, for that was what they were in those days, became more and more sophisticated … Continue reading The Robot Revolution

A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods John loved to walk in the woods just out of town. The canopy of trees shielded the harsh Summer sun and afforded shelter from the wind and snow in Winter. During his walks, he was able to steal some alone time, away from the office, family, and friends. He parked his … Continue reading A Walk in the Woods

Going Home

Going Home My Brother told me to meet him in our hometown of Chippenham. Neither of us had been there for a while, so I was to text him when I arrived, to give him directions to where I was. There was heavy traffic driving out of Cheltenham, where I’d stayed the night at The … Continue reading Going Home