Even more Portraits

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We’re back to portraits today and it’s almost time to select the best of my best as I many other photographs to show you. I think eventually I’ll have to pick about 10 in each category otherwise it will be a very large portfolio.

When I’ve filled each category I’ll make my final choice and then just add further photographs in a Travel section as I continue to travel.



Continuing my exploration of online portfolios and WordPress Themes here is a close-up of a flower from my collection.

With a bit of luck this should automatically post to my Facebook Page rather than me having to cut and paste the link and insert into post on my feed.

This is far from perfect but probably the best I’m going to get.

If this works then I’ll invite more people to my new Facebook page (Graham’s Favourites).

If you are not reading this on my blog you can link here

My favourite photos are online

I have just posted the first pages of a growing ‘Portfolio’ which is a collection of my favourite photos. As the top menu item is a little obscure I have provided a link below and will do the same each time I add an entry.

At any time you can just go straight to ‘My Favourite Photos’ themselves from the top right menu.

Portraits 3

Portraits 2

More portaits from India, Abu Dhabi and Jordan