A Visit to The National Gallery

Some months back my wife and I saw a documentary on the American artist Georgia O’Keefe and learnt that the Tate Modern Gallery in London would be holding an exhibition. On a whim, we decided to travel to London by train to visit the gallery and purchased tickets for the day after our arrival.

After lunch, we went to the National Gallery and were amazed at the paintings on display, most of which we had only seen images in magazines or on the web.

I’d just received my new iPhone 7 and as there were no restrictions for taking photographs for most of the paintings on display I decided to use both lenses to try to obtain some details. I’m very happy with the results.

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Madame de Pompadour at her Tambour Frame

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Bathers at Asnières

I was very pleased with my visit and would love to go back and spend more time visiting the gallery.