Do you like changes?

I’ve not made any structual changes to my blog for a while now.

I’ve been using the RESONAR theme for quite a while because I post a lot of photos and they stand out quite well with only the occasional glitch, when shown on mobiles and tablets, with the odd obscured head or side details missing.

I’ve found another theme I’d like to try and that is the EIGHTIES theme as it seems to fit my content even better.

I’ll let you be the judge of that because I’m going to try it out starting with this post!

Today’s feature photo was taken in Renishaw Gardens earlier this year.

Sony RX100VI, ISO 125, 17.88mm, f / 4.0, 1/125sec

A cheeky squirrel

There are many advantages to living in the country, and the calm coupled with an abundance of wildlife make a compelling case.

My wife and I have discovered that most of the time it’s living with and not against that is usually the order of the day.

We have moles, and when we arrived in the new house, we saw the mole hills in the fields adjacent to our garden approaching day by day until they erupted in our own garden.

At first we were affronted and even called upon the services of a specialist until we arrived at the conclusion that we will just have to live with them so we’ve stopped the fight and do our best just to accept their presence.

In the same way, the rabbits playing in the fields, and bringing up their littles ones, was a cute sight until suddenly they were in the garden chewing through the plants that my wife had painstakingly planted.

We’ve put up as much fencing as we can and planted garlic and even sprayed garlic juices everywhere, but in all honesty it hasn’t had as much of a dissuasive effect as we would have liked.

Then there are the birds, a rich variety, including tits, thrushes, blackbirds, robins, chaffinches and a pair of Greater Spotted Woodpeckers that came and ate from the birdfeeders we erected.

The wood pigeons, ravens, magpies and those flocks of hungry starlings were a challenge but when we noticed fieldmice and probably a rat we realized that all that birdseed, nuts, and insect laden grease balls, were dropping on the grass and attracting all sorts of creatures.

Oh dear!

So we’ve abandoned feeding the birds until later in the year.

We probably miss them the most. It was wonderful to see them feeding as we ate our breakfast at the breakfast bar.

But the squirrels continue to go about their business and cross the gardens during the day, stopping occasionally to wave hello.

Chance encounter

Sometimes I think I spend a lot of time testing things and here I go again.

What I’m trying to do here is to post almost entirely with my voice, so I am dictating this using my mobile phone, adding in the feature photo, and then posting it.

As you’ve probably guessed the method is more important than the contents, but in case you’re interested, this was a chance encounter with a bird in Poolsbrook country Park where we went for a walk this morning.

Let’s see how this works out.