Balloons over Bagan

I've decided to put some order into my videoclips and have been making short videos less than 2.5 minutes and have been putting them on Facebook. I thought I would try and post one here and find out what you think. My wife and I visited Myanmar in early 2017 and were fortunate to make… Continue reading Balloons over Bagan

my500words : day 29 : Flight Over Table Mountain

Flight Over Table Mountain It’s strange. Many of my adventures seem to happen when I’m tired. My wife and I were bound for a twenty-two-night cruise from Cape Town to Sydney on the Queen Mary 2 and had taken a flight from Heathrow to Cape-Town. We arrived early in the morning and transferred from the… Continue reading my500words : day 29 : Flight Over Table Mountain

Now : Daily Post Friday Photo Challenge

This weeks challenge for the Daily Post Friday Photo Challenge is Now. Let me introduce you to my Mum who celebrated her ninetieth birthday this year. Today we took her to a local restaurant for a Christmas meal. I think she looks a lot younger than 90 years old. Happy Christmas to all my lovely… Continue reading Now : Daily Post Friday Photo Challenge

Daily Post Photo Challenge : Connected

The challenge for this weeks Daily Post Photo Challenge is Connected. This post  portrays the connection between the Atlantic Ocean (via the Caribbean Sea) and the Pacific Ocean : The Panama Canal. My wife and I transited earlier this year on the Queen Victoria. It was a memorable passage. This is a rather unusual view of the canal from a first… Continue reading Daily Post Photo Challenge : Connected

Table Mountain : From Every Angle This week's Daily Post Photo Challenge is to photograph a stationary subject from three different angles. It's entitled "From Every Angle" I took a short film on my iPhone, of the clouds rolling off Table Mountain seen from our Hotel, and I'm accompanying it with some music I purchased on the waterfront. Capetown is… Continue reading Table Mountain : From Every Angle