A place to sit a while and reflect

Japanese Garden

We have visited this Japanese Garden a few times over the past few years. It’s a wonderful, peaceful, place twhere you can find a quite corner and reflect on life.

It’s not a big garden but that doesn’t stop you spending a long time there.

The Rugged beauty of the Isle of Lewis

A change from my ‘On this day pics’ although in reality this was also taken on this day in 2018.

Sometimes you just need a change of title!

Edited Photo

This photo was taken on the Isle of Lewis on its East Coast.

For a change I’m showing you the before and after editing with Luminar 4.2.

I made a sky replacement and edited out a few Wind Turbines on the horizon. The other changes were more subtle such as improving contrast and details and bringing out the incredible colour of the sea.

Original unretouched image

I hope you approve.

Photo Editing with Luminar

I purchased Luminar the other day. Luminar is a photo editing application that allows for some cool AI edits.

I’m playing around with it at the moment but not abandonning my normal photo-editing workflow in Lightroom.

I’m using Lightroom CC which unfortunately doesnt have a plugin for Luminar (or other photo-editing apps apart from Photoshop of course).

I used Luminar to edit my feature photo. The original is below. The sky was replaced during the edit and the image was AI enhanced.

Original photo : Canon EOS M

Life in Geneva – Fountains

There are lots of fountains, scattered around the City of Geneva and in the surrounding countryside. They are decorated with flowers from Spring to Autumn and always a joy to see.

This was one in the City centre.

Photo du Jour #6

I really love textures and details in my photos and this is one of my favourites, once again taken at RHS Wisley Gardens.

I took it with my excellent Travel Camera, a Sony RX100 Mark VI that I treated myself to on a trip to Geneva earlier this year.

Sony RX100M6, ISO 125, 10.38mm, f / 3.2, 1/50sec