Twittering Tales # 145

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Sean posed his manicured hands delicately. His pen was cradled softly between his fingers. His ring was so polished it almost sparkled.

Her slightly tanned skin was silky soft.

Her heart fluttered.

She closed her eyes and mentally nodded.

Sean had become Sally. (261 chars)

Tuesday is Twittering Tales day. This is a great challenge and I look forward to it each week now. Thanks Kat!

Twittering Tales #144

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There were savoury biscuits, fresh crusty bread and smelly cheeses but in reality it was always about the wine.
Martine always wanted vintage red.
As long as she was happy to provide it, we didn’t really care.
We were selfish bitches and we had never really warmed to her anyway.

(276 chars)

My feature photo was taken in the Ice Bar in Finnmark, Norway.

This is another Twittering Tale, a fascinating writing challenge to create a tweet sized microfiction based on a photo. The challenge is hosted by Kat Myrman. Thanks Kat!

Twittering Tales #143

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Mac was a busy man. If you passed by the garage you could see him lying down, hard at work.

He was also sly and devious, and changed the dummy and number plate each morning.

Mac was elsewhere, fishing in his favourite spot with a crate of beer at his side. (254 chars)

ooo ———- ooo

This is this weeks Twittering Tales after a short absence while I was taking a short break in the South of England.

Today’s feature photo was taken while we were away in a picturesque village in West Sussex. I don’t think the car has moved for a while!

Twittering Tales #138

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After 30 indecisive years, she took the 35mm wedding photos from the forgotten reaches of the wardrobe, removed dust and gunge, and sent them off for digital copies.

Then continued with her perfect life.

Weeks later, Detectives arrived and arrested her.

It wasn’t the wedding photos. (280 Characters)

Tuesday is Twittering Tales Day. Thanks Kat!

The featured photo was taken on the Queen Victoria when we visited Hawaii in 2014. Good memories.

Twittering Tales #137

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Those that survived named it the Bullet Spider (Bulla Araneae), a mutant species; a consequence of the fifth great nuclear incident.

It had a voracious appetite for Silica.

No window was safe.

Then it invited its spidery companion the Humanis Carnivoris Araneae.

In colossal numbers. (279 chars)

It’s Tuesday and I’m more or less on time this week for Twittering Tales

Twittering Tales #136

Image by NRD at Unsplash

Harsh light escaped from the open fridge where rancid butter, wilted carrots and mouldy yoghurt beckoned.

Other pervasive odours lingered in the kitchen.

Was that a body hidden in the shadows?

As I approached the fridge, I glimpsed the gleam of a knife.

But it was already too late. (277 chars)

I’m a bit late for this weeks Twittering Tales as I’m just catching up from a weekend in Geneva. More of that later!

Twittering Tales #135


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“It’s really down to a question of being in the right place at the right time. I often spend hours, even days, waiting for the ideal conditions.”

Final photograph of John Jones (7.5.1956 – 10.4.2018)

(198 characters)

I just missed posting this Twittering Tale on the day of the challenge by less than an hour but I don’t think it matters.