Twittering tales #134


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She took the twine bound bundle of musky letters from the box on top of the wardrobe.

Amongst the love letters was an official letter dated the 2nd of September 1945.

Without opening she mouthed the contents.

“… we’re sorry to inform you that his injuries proved fatal …” (272 characters)

I’m really enjoying the challenge of each weeks Twittering Tales expertly curated by Kat Myrman over at  like mercury colliding…

Twittering Tales

He hesitated a moment between Major Tom and Rocket Man. Either would have been a fitting soundtrack to his last spacewalk. In the end however he chose neither Bowie nor Elton but the Grateful Dead’s Dark Star as a musical epitaph as his oxygen slowly but inexorably sputtered out. (279 characters)

It’s time once again for this weeks Twittering Tales.

Twittering Tales #132

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The tips of my fingers felt soiled contemplating the greasy buttons.

I cringed, reaching for a clean white handkerchief.

The phone rang.

I held the handset well away from my ear.

“Deep breaths.

Tomorrow no handkerchief.

Repeat after me.

OCD is treatable.“

This is my entry to this weeks Twittering tales.

I’m writing this on my mobile phone waiting for the boat to leave Southampton for our 11night cruise around the Canary Islands.

Twittering Tales (131) : 9.4.19


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She watched the jet depart and shed a solitary tear.

She exuded melancholy, but unbeknownst to the casual onlooker, was relieved that the sick bastard had finally left for good.

Only compassion for the crew and passengers prevented the cruellest of thoughts from arising in her mind. (280 chars)

It’s Tuesday and time for this weeks Twittered Tales, hosted by Kat Myrman. The challenge, inspired by a photo, is to write a 280 character ‘Tweet’.

Twittering Tales 130 (2.4.2019)


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You’ve always been forthright.

As a child it was charming, but now people avoid you.

Today is your 21st birthday.

You hand us a crude notebook, full of everything you’ve left unsaid.

As we flick through every blank page, you express a wry smile.

We look back with affection. (270 characters)

This is my second entry to Twittering Tales, hosted by the charming Kat Myrman at Like Mercury Colliding... .

As I was late to take up the challenge, this one comes on time, but two days later than the last one.


A fresh challenge – back to writing!

Twittering Tales #129 – 26 March 2019


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The Bird Liberators are hanging empty cages in all major cities this weekend to remind us that caging has been a criminal offence since 2028.

Their leader, Robin Perch, announced a rebrand, as the RoboBird Liberators, following a recent rise in the popularity of Robobird cagings. (279 characters)

Through my WP friend Peter (check out his blog here), I’ve discovered a new weekly writing challenge from Kat Myrman.

The challenge is to take a photo prompt and tweet a micro fiction in less than 280 characters.

Here it goes!