More than a name!

Choosing a name for a blog is a lot harder than it used to be when I started as many titles have already been used.

To my mind, we are more than just a name. I have chosen to underline that Graham is just my name but that I’m a lot more. My idea is to leave the social bits to Facebook and Twitter and take a different and sometimes more in depth look here on GIJMN.

Welcome therefore, to my little corner of the web where I can be a total control freak and decide exactly what I want to share with you with less chance that it will be hidden from one day to the next on a social media site that has it’s own agenda on what it thinks you want to see.

I invite you to read my latest posts and discover my interests by using the menu above.

IMG_3524 - 2010-09-03 at 20-08-08


17 thoughts on “More than a name!

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