Two cute animal pics before we headed back to the UK

We were ready for the long flight back to the UK (23 hours) and visited Featherdale Wildlife Park before leaving.

Cute Koala and equally cute Kangaroo although I think it’s a Wallabie.

I’d love to go back to Australia but I’m not overly optimistic due to the current travel and holiday restrictions.

Even if we could travel, would we want to?

I’m not sure.

The Queen Mary 2 docks in Perth W. Australia

Arriving one day earlier than planned, due to a problem with one of the engines, we docked in the cruise port of Freemantle, Western Australia just outside of Perth.

It was an overnight stay which gave us two full days to explore and we were delighted as we have good friends in Perth who picked me up as unfortunately my wife was feeling unwell on the first day in port.

We headed for Perth and a visit to the famous Kings Park. Then had a delicious meal at a local restaurant followed by a visit to Hillarys Boat Harbour.

It was so nice to meet friends and relax together.

Luckily, we were able to visit Perth again a few years later so my wife was able to visit Kings Park and we returned to the same restaurant. Another fabulous day. It’s a shame our friends are so far away.

My featured photo is of a Kookaburra Bird at Caversham Wildlife Park that my wife and I visited on the second day as part of an excursion.

Here are a few highlights of our overnight stay.

Twittering Tales #155

Photo by MarkusmitK at

The Age of Steam

As a kid he’d stand on the bridge as the express trains approached.

Then run to the other side as wagons thundered by.

Acrid smoke would billow around his trembling body and invade his nostrils.

Pure excitement.

Now only boring trains chug past here.

More rails than locomotives. (277 chars)

— 000 —

I not really pleased with last weeks Twittering Tales. It didn’t turn out the way I would have liked. The subtilities of language proved too difficult to transmit in 280 characters.

You win some and you lose sum I suppose.

I’ll just move on.

I’m a lot happier with this weeks entry.

My feature photo is of the Puffing Billy near Melbourne Australia.

Photo Souvenir #27

A close up of a Koala today. This was taken in Featherdale Wildlife Park near Sydney Australia.

Canon EOS 600D, ISO 1600, 200mm, f / 5.6 1/250 sec, February 21, 2014

I’m not convinced that the technical camera information or the embedded Google map add valuable content to these posts and I’m thinking of just adding the date and the location in future posts. What do you think?