Twittering tales #134

She took the twine bound bundle of musky letters from the box on top of the wardrobe. Amongst the love letters was an official letter dated the 2nd of September 1945. Without opening she mouthed the contents. “… we’re sorry to inform you that his injuries proved fatal …” (272 characters) I’m really enjoying the … Continue reading Twittering tales #134

Twittering Tales #132

The tips of my fingers felt soiled contemplating the greasy buttons. I cringed, reaching for a clean white handkerchief. The phone rang. I held the handset well away from my ear. “Deep breaths. Tomorrow no handkerchief. Repeat after me. OCD is treatable.“ This is my entry to this weeks Twittering tales. I’m writing this on … Continue reading Twittering Tales #132

Sunday Photo Fiction (14.4.19)

The argument “It’s a satellite, brought back from the earth’s orbit, recovered from the Pacific Ocean, and brought here.” Matt stood tall, anchored his hands awkwardly to his waist and stared intently into Cassiopeia’s deep blue eyes. “Rubbish!” She tapped her right foot slowly and rhythmically, holding Matt’s gaze intently. “It’s a 21st century artist’s … Continue reading Sunday Photo Fiction (14.4.19)