FFfAW – Red Rocks

Red Rocks Maybe Clementine meant Bryce or Grand Canyon, but for her, it was just that big park with the orange rocks. “Just go,” Clementine said, between two mouthfuls of vanilla ice-cream as if it was as simple as going out for a soda or ordering a takeaway. “Why?” I tried to keep my mouth shut … Continue reading FFfAW – Red Rocks

FFfAW : Treetops

Treetops Lucy fidgeted on the backseat of the car while Amanda looked out of the window. They’d been strange ever since we’d left Limon. Neither of them had been their normal bubbly selves since we’d left on this trip of a lifetime. I gripped the steering wheel tighter as we sped through the banana plantations … Continue reading FFfAW : Treetops

FFfAW : Code Green

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is a weekly challenge to write between 75 and 175 words prompted by a photo prompt (thanks this week to © Jade M. Wong). Here is my entry for this weeks challenge. Code Green The magnificent crystal pulsed on top of the giant pine towering over the trees in the … Continue reading FFfAW : Code Green