FFfAW – The Paddock


The Paddock

He was small, but knew that if he got onto the tips of his toes he could probably lift the latch, open the rusty gate and walk away, but here in the enclosure, he felt safe and protected from the outside world.

He couldn’t remember how long he’d been here, but he’d counted 1034 steps to go all the way around. He’d eaten the candy bars as slowly as he could and only taken small sips from the bottle, but the crumpled wrappers and empty bottle beside the drinking trough were a reminder that he needed to make a decision soon.

Perhaps just one more round to check that the fence was secure.

Then, with the setting sun, he spied the man in the long black coat coming back.

He knew what to expect.

After, he would get more candy and if he was lucky, some coke.

He took the blindfold out of his pocket and held it out, arms stretched and trembling, for the man to snatch from him. (170)

Today marks my return to writing after a pause, due initially to my trip to Myanmar but then prolonged after the passing away of my Mum a few weeks ago. She is constantly in my thoughts and I’ve been busy preparing her funeral which will be held next week.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is an excellent weekly challenge.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – The Tree

The Tree


The ceiling fan cut sounds through the air in the shade of the bedroom, curtains drawn.

Whop whop whop whop …’

 Sally sipped Mum’s homemade lemonade from one hand and texted with the other.

Whir Whop Scrirr Whop …’

‘U comin by later Brad’

‘Yeah, I’ll shimmy up around eleven once your folks have crashed.’

‘Sweet :)’

‘See u later babes.’

‘Sure <3’

Hum Whir Hum Whir ….’

A growling, brattling roar from outside, interrupted the soft sounds from above.

She drew back the curtains and stepped onto the balcony just it time to see their magnificent pine topple, and fall in slow motion to the side of the garage.

Below, Sam, her obnoxious brother, raised his fist slowly into the air and then savouring the gesture, gradually unfurled his middle finger until it was erect and menacing.

He turned to his mates and they guffawed loudly.

Sally swooshed the curtains closed and threw herself back onto the bed.

Now she regretted talking to her parents about those spicy, pungent odours escaping from Sam’s room late at night.

This week’s photo prompt is © Shivangi Singh. You can see the rules for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers by clicking on the link.

FFfAW – Getting ready to go


Getting ready to go

We were going to the riverfront.

‘Come on Dad,’ implored Daisy stepping on tiptoes and wrapping her arms tightly around my thighs.

‘Woah, I blurted out, as the fully laden shaving brush skidded over my jaw.

’Just let me finish shaving Poppet.’ I said with a foamy smile.

‘We’re going to be late,’ said Daniel, perched on his stool, holding a thick slice of toast, the butter sliding down his chin.

‘Again,’ he added.

‘If you interrupt Dad, we’ll never be ready,’ shouted my wife from the hallway, engrossed in applying her makeup.

I finished gliding the razor over my freshly shaved features and rinsed thoroughly before applying aftershave.

Daniel cried out, ’What’s that?’ Pointing to the wall beside me.

I saw, with terror, a sharp red point of light seeking me through the window from a van parked outside.

I knew in that instant that my past had finally caught up with me.

I took a deep breath in, and the light pierced my eye.

Inevitably, the bullet would follow.

I strayed a little from the photo prompt. I hope you don’t mind. It is a great prompt. Thanks © The Storyteller’s Abode.

FFfAW – Red Rocks

Red Rocks


Maybe Clementine meant Bryce or Grand Canyon, but for her, it was just that big park with the orange rocks.

“Just go,” Clementine said, between two mouthfuls of vanilla ice-cream as if it was as simple as going out for a soda or ordering a takeaway.


I tried to keep my mouth shut but it was already wide open.

“Well, you love me don’t you?”

 She stamped her foot and put her hands on her hips defiantly.

“You know I do,” I replied.

 I tried to be convincing but my heart was beating and it was getting in the way.

“Well, lovers do incwedibly brave things to show their love.”

She was moody and petulant and her voice was irresistible.

“Just go to the highest rock and tell the wind that you’re mine.”

There was a loud knock on the door.

“Come on kids, it’s time for tea.”

Saved by the bell I thought, but I knew Clementine.

I wasn’t off the hook quite yet.

We scrambled down the stairs, giggling as we went.

“Don’t run on the stairs!” chided my Mum.

Priceless Joy is our gracious host once again for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.

FFfAW : Treetops

© Joy Pixley


Lucy fidgeted on the backseat of the car while Amanda looked out of the window.

They’d been strange ever since we’d left Limon. Neither of them had been their normal bubbly selves since we’d left on this trip of a lifetime.

I gripped the steering wheel tighter as we sped through the banana plantations on our way to the Costa Rican Rainforest. Small talk never came easily to me, I just bit my lip and continued driving in silence.

“Here we are!” I said as we arrived at the park. “I’m so excited.”

Amanda just gave a weak smile, took Lucy into her arms and followed me up the path to the tram station.

We boarded the tram and it glided up and through the misty rainforest. The silence of the forest was punctuated only by the occasional bird cry. The cable car whizzed mechanically as it climbed higher and higher.

Suddenly, we broke through the canopy of the forest.

I gasped. It was even better than I’d imagined it.

“Wow, we’re up above the trees,” I said.

Lucy replied, “but they’re not Christmas trees.”

Amanda added, “perhaps we should have stayed at home for the holidays.”


This is my entry to this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. I wish to state that I didn’t drag my family away from home at Christmas! These pics and the film were taken on a visit in early 2015.

FFfAW : From out of the shadows

This is my entry to this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge.

From out of the shadows


Fred peered down the street while cold shivers danced up and down his spine. He glanced nervously into the shadows, searching for whatever might be lurking within.

Looking past the solitary streetlight he thought he saw a shadowy form advancing slowly towards him.  He stopped, gripped in fear, unable to move.

— 0 —

Sabrina looked down the street. It was much more romantic at night. The contours of half-constructed buildings played games with the streetlight, and the shadows hid the garbage that was so evident in daylight.

Peering over the high walls as she continued walking, she glimpsed the lights in the houses and imagined families laughing and telling stories of the day gone by.

Coming from the out of the shadow she saw a solitary figure.

“Fred, is that you?” she shouted.

— 0 —

Fred looked closer and saw it was Sabrina. He rushed towards her and took her in his arms.

“Fred, you’re trembling. Are you alright?”

“Sure. It’s just a bit chilly.”

Sabrina held him at arm’s length and saw the worry on his face.

She knew her lover so well.

While he was tender, she pressed her advantage.

“Fred, there’s something you really need to know.”

This week’s prompt is © Maria @ Doodles and Scribbles

FFfAW : Code Green


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is a weekly challenge to write between 75 and 175 words prompted by a photo prompt (thanks this week to © Jade M. Wong).

Here is my entry for this weeks challenge.

Code Green

The magnificent crystal pulsed on top of the giant pine towering over the trees in the forest. It caressed the sky as it mingled with the December stars that were twinkling in the clearest and coldest of winter nights.

Rhythmical flowing patterns of soft white light soothed and nourished little sparks that glowed deep within the dense needles of the pine.

The sparks skipped from needle to needle in harmony, slowly at first, but as the rhythm of the crystal  accelerated, they started to dance, changing colours as they frolicked until the tree was ablaze with multicoloured shimmering lights.

The crystal’s light continued to intensify until it became a beacon in the night sky. When it was at it’s brightest, it suddenly turned from bright white to emerald green and an intense beam of green light shot up and pierced the sky.

That signal will take  a considerable time to reach the Canis Major dwarf galaxy about 25,000 light years away but the repercussions will be frightening if anything remains of our endangered planet. 

A Weekend in the Country : FFfAW

A weekend in the Country


The Rhododendrons seemed to follow Caroline from the Scottish Borders all the way to the log cabin in the Ochil Hills. Rows of ornate pink flowers  embellished the forests, clad in spring foliage, their shoots striving hungrily towards the blue azure sky.

But although Caroline sometimes caught sight of the flashes of colour, she gripped the steering wheel and kept her eyes on the road.

The sun was low in the Friday sky as her car swallowed the last few miles to the cabin and came to rest on the narrow pebbled drive. She locked the car door and went to the entrance.

As she approached, she saw Robert on bended knee, a big smile and a glittering diamond ring in his outstretched hand. All around him, the fallen pink petals of the Rhododendron trees spread out like a fairy tale carpet.

Looking around to make sure they were unseen, she deftly screwed the silencer on the revolver and shot him once between his astonished eyes.

Now she had all weekend to dispose of the body and head back to town.

Bill was taking her out to lunch.

She had another private retreat elsewhere planned for next weekend.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is a weekly challenge curated by the wonderful Priceless Joy. Thank you!


Spices : FFfAW



Rebecca took a sharp kitchen knife and butterflied the chicken breast before seasoning it with rock salt and fresh ground pepper.

She wiped the blade of the knife and put it aside for later.

After surveying the contents of the food rack she took some chickpeas and chopped tomatoes for a salsa and poured them into a casserole.

Adding a dash of olive oil to the frying pan she started to pan fry the chicken, glancing at the kitchen clock.

He’d  be home shortly.

She took the heavy rolling pin from the cupboard and placed it on the table beside her.

It was time to decide.

Would she lay in wait for the lying bastard and slit his throat as he entered, or bash him on the head with the rolling pin.

No, she needed to watch the cheating son of a bitch suffer.

She slipped the poison into the salsa and gave it a good stir.

“Had a good day darling?” she said as he opened the door.

Yay! Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is back. I hope that Priceless Joy had a lovely visit to her family in Arizona.