Grandpa Pops : FFftPP

Grandpa Pops It was easy to get lost in Grandpa Pops craggy visage. With so many features to explore it was hard not to stare aimlessly as if there was nothing better to do. His only concession to fashion was his hat which sat perfectly and permanently balanced on top of his head. I’d had … Continue reading Grandpa Pops : FFftPP

The Shoes : FFftPP

The Shoes “There’s his shoes. So where’s the bastard?” Dirk hissed through clenched teeth and fisted the cupboard door. “We’ll take them back for forensics,” I replied and took out a few evidence bags, bending to pick them up. He brushed clumsily against my chest, yanking me away from the open door with his large … Continue reading The Shoes : FFftPP

Transition : FFfTPP

Transition Peter sat down with relief and laid his gnarled cane flat on the cold stone floor of the ancient bridge that forded the river. “It was really dark last night, but I’m pretty sure this is the place.” Alan pulled his brightly coloured scarf tighter to block out the early morning chill. “Are you … Continue reading Transition : FFfTPP