Twittering Tales #135

“It’s really down to a question of being in the right place at the right time. I often spend hours, even days, waiting for the ideal conditions.” Final photograph of John Jones (7.5.1956 – 10.4.2018) (198 characters) I just missed posting this Twittering Tale on the day of the challenge by less than an hour … Continue reading Twittering Tales #135

Twittering tales #134

She took the twine bound bundle of musky letters from the box on top of the wardrobe. Amongst the love letters was an official letter dated the 2nd of September 1945. Without opening she mouthed the contents. “… we’re sorry to inform you that his injuries proved fatal …” (272 characters) I’m really enjoying the … Continue reading Twittering tales #134

Twittering Tales

He hesitated a moment between Major Tom and Rocket Man. Either would have been a fitting soundtrack to his last spacewalk. In the end however he chose neither Bowie nor Elton but the Grateful Dead’s Dark Star as a musical epitaph as his oxygen slowly but inexorably sputtered out. (279 characters) It’s time once again … Continue reading Twittering Tales