Photo Souvenir #20

Today’s souvenir comes from Lincoln with a view towards Lincoln Cathedral. Lincoln Castle is just behind me.

Lincoln is a great town to visit and we always enjoy going there. It was only an hour from Grimsby where we used to live and even now is only about an hour and a half from where we live now.

Apple iPhone 5s, ISO 40, 4.12mm, f / 2.2, 1/3700 sec

Sunday Photo Fiction July 14 2019

Photo by Blair Fraser on Unsplash

Bill entered the office and hurried towards Martin’s desk. He shuffled his feet awkwardly and waited. From the look in Martin’s eyes he knew that the invitation to sit would not be forthcoming.

“Did you find the plane wreck?”

“I sure did boss.”

“And …”

“I took a close up, just like you asked.”

He slid the photo over the desk, and smiled.

“It was as you suspected”, he added, with a wry smile.

“Definitely Tom’s work. He even left his trademark heart.”

Bill tapped rhythmically on the photo for emphasis.

Martin waved Bill back towards the door dismissively and once he was out of earshot, he grabbed the phone.

“Tom, come up to my office right away, you’ve got some explaining to do,” he grunted.

From the depths of the third basement Tom looked away from his handset and thought hard.

It must be that damn plane.

He’d picked it clean; 121 watches, $563 in coins and 43 pieces of Jewellery.

He should have just destroyed the plane into dust and rubble but he was too giddy from the value of his haul.

Plus he was a cheeky bastard.

It wasn’t looking good at all.

(195 words)

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly Flash Fiction Challenge. The challenge is to write a story based upon the photo in 200 words or less. 

The feature photo of this post was taken during my tandem SkyDive in June 2015.

Amazing Rainbow

We saw some amazing Rainbows while we were living in Lincolnshire and this is one of them. We also witnessed some astounding sunrises and sunsets. My theory is that it’s partly because the horizon can be so low it let’s them develop unhindered by hills or mountains.

Time for Landscapes


Of course I don’t only point my camera at people. Here are some landscape photos of the English countryside and the Humber Bridge together with photos of the Alaskan glaciers and a glimpse of the Chihuly Museum next to the Space Needle in Seattle.

I’ve added these to the Landscape section of my favourite photos.