A nocturnal tale of three cities : One Word Photo Challenge

The subject for this weeks One Word Photo Challenge is : Night

My feature Image for this post is the nearest I came to capturing the Aurora Borealis while on a trip to Iceland. I took it during our cruise to Iceland.

We had just left the Arctic Circle and I was on the balcony with a tripod doing long exposure shots. It was freezing and windy and the cloud cover was variable. It was the best I could do under the circumstances but I’d love to go back and take better, stabler, shots.

Now for this weeks challenge I’ve decided to show you three nocturnal city scenes. The first is the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo, then there is of course the Sydney Opera House and lastly Auckland Harbour.

Standing over Clouds : One Word Photo Challenge (OWPC)

Above the clouds - Switzerland 2011

Above the clouds – Switzerland 2011

This weeks One Word Photo Challenge  is SMOG.

This photo was taken above the clouds, mist and smog of the Geneva Basin looking towards the French Alps.

This is a regular phenomena in Switzerland but more so in the autumn months. It’s a favourite pastime to find a hill or mountain and to get over 800-1000 metres depending on the height of the stratus. The surrounding mountains act something like a cauldron and trap the stratus clouds (and pollution) from escaping.

Here are the rules :

To participate:

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  • Have fun!

Links to your contribution will be shared on the next week’s post.

One Word Photo Challenge : Avalanche

This weeks One Word Photo Challenge (OWPC) is Avalanche. Avalanches are often associated with snow. While living in Switzerland we were witness, on the television in any case, to numerous avalanches each year but were lucky to have avoided them while we were on the ski-slopes!

I’ve chosen to illustrate this weeks word by an avalanche of sorts that occurred in Japan. While on an excursion we were able to visit houses that had been buried under the mud and ashes of a volcanic eruption in the nineties.

Mount Udzen erupted  from 1990 to 1995, and sent pyroclastic flows (superheated clouds of volcanic gas and ash) down toward the town below.

Houses buried with Volcanic Ash

Houses buried by mudslides © Graham Lawrence 2014

Much of the volcano’s destruction was due to large mudflows of volcanic ash, known as lahars, which flowed down the mountainside, burying several homes and buildings that lay in their path.

We were able to see a few of these houses that have been preserved  at the Mizunashi Honjin Fukae Michi no Eki roadside park. Some of them  are protected under a dome (illustrated above).

My feature photo was taken outside the domed exhibition.

One Word Photo Challenge : Hail

IMG_0387-4 IMG_0387-5

Original Photo © Anne-Claude Lawrence (Lightroom editing – Graham Lawrence)

This is my entry to this weeks OWPC (One Word Photo Challenge)

I was unable to find a photo of hail (only a short film) but luckily my lovely wife Anne-Claude had  taken one earlier this year with her iPhone 5s. I cropped it and applied filters and had a lovely time doing so.

Thanks to our host Jennifer Nichole Wells for organising the challenge.

One Word Photo Challenge : Snow

This weeks One Word Photo Challenge (OWPC) is Snow. I took this in 2007 at the bottom of our garden when we were living in Geneva, Switzerland.

I was playing with an HP Digital Camera the HP R707. (1/115sec at f 2.8 ISO 100).

It might take me a little while to get the pingback working as I can’t find the link to this weeks page. Last weeks challenge (fog) is the last challenge page published.

(Edit : Jennifer pointed the link to me and I think I’ve got it now. Yay)

Much thanks to Jennifer Nichole Wells for organising this great weekly challenge. Why not head over and add your entry!

One Word Photo Challenge : Fog

A misty morning in Vandoeuvres, Switzerland

A misty morning in Vandoeuvres, Switzerland

Captured with a Canon EOS 600D in late 2011 on a walk on a foggy winter’s day. (1/200sec, f13, ISO 400, Sigma 10-20mm)

This challenge is set by Jennifer Nichole Wells over at One Word Photo Challenge (OWPC). Each Tuesday she gives us the word ! Why don’t you head on over and check out this weeks challenge and the calendar of future words all related to weather at the moment.