The 28 : Day 28 – Light in the Shadows

Light in the Shadows 9

The canvas caught the early morning rays – adagio sostenuto.

His eyes pierced through the shadows and into the light – adagio un poco mosso.

Then the light shone as warm tears flowed – andante moderato.

His soul exploded, manifesting all those joyful colours – Allegro Ma Non Troppo.

(280 characters)

— 000 —

Tamsin Haggis has been a constant inspiration since we’ve met so I thought it fitting to use one of her latest paintings to write the last story in this 28 day marathon.

Thanks Tamsin!

You can see (much) more of Tamsin’s Art by following the links.

Background :

This very short tale was born from the painting and while I was enjoying it I was adding a ‘soundtrack’ of sorts that went well looking at and contemplating her art. My choice is reflected in the tempos of each ‘mouvement’.

Here is the music listing :

  • Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No 2 Op. 18 2nd movement Adagio sostenuto
  • Beethoven Piano Concerto No 5 E flat major Op. 73 “Emperor” second movement Adagio un poco mosso
  • Fauré Requiem in D Minor Op. 48 In Paradisum Andante moderato
  • Beethoven Symphony No.6 Op.68 “Pastoral” 1st Movement Allegro Ma Non Troppo

Sunday Photo Fiction : October 27 2019 – Vincent

Photo courtesy of Janet Puddicombe


You know me.

I like to spin a yarn with a sting in its tail.

I try to take you off guard, and lead you to unexpected places.

Of course, I love surprises and misdirections.

I also like to yank a tear from those eager eyes, with a story so desperately sad, that the tears sprout unexpectedly and flow down your cheeks, making you reach instinctively for a handkerchief, or a paper tissue.

But on other days I’m more inclined to attempt to make you laugh, or at least chuckle, and failing that, perhaps a little smile.

Have I frustrated you with wonky plot lines, dubious dialogue or sudden incomprehensible endings?

Probably, for that is often the outcome of a bad writing day.

But at least I have my adorable fur baby to console me with a soft miaow or an awkward caress.

He’s been there forever, it seems, since I picked him up from the rescue shelter.

As soon as I saw that furry ginger kitten, curled into a ball at the back of the cage, I knew that we were destined for each other.

So I called him Vincent, and I pick wild sunflowers to decorate our home.

(200 words)

— 000 —

I had a big smile writing that. It was fun.

I do like my Sunday Photo Fiction and look forward to it each week.

This story is in memory of Simba, our family cat that disappeared unexpectedly some years ago. I hope he had a happy life after leaving us.

He can be seen in my feature photo.

The 28 : Day 22 – Superyacht

(c) Tatiana @ TatianaTravelways


She didn’t like boats.

Don had promised her a luxury ocean experience.

So she slipped into the back of his limousine.

At the port she discovered Dolores Ann.

“This is a joke. You want me to board that!” She screamed.

“No, my sweet, she’ll take us out to my yacht anchored in the bay.”

(279 chars)

— 000 —

Tatiana has once again provided me with a great photo prompt for today’s Tweet-sized story. Thanks Tatiana! You can follow the link to this image here.

My feature image is of a yacht I saw, anchored in the Gulf of Suez in 2017.

The 28 : Day 21 – The Unveiling

The Unveiling

Fred and Myrtle received an official letter.

“Dear Mr & Mrs Smythe,

Layby Gardens invites you to the unveiling of two statues, sculpted in your likeness, by Stu Farquas.

We thank you for your patronage.”

So they went, but were more than a little surprised when they discovered them.

(278 characters)

— 000 —

Anne-Claude is my rock. She has once again provided me with a photo prompt from her personal photo collection.

Sunday Photo Fiction : October 20, 2019 – What if?

Photo courtesy of Colby Renee

What if

It was time to leave the house.

After the accident, she had needed time to forget and to heal but now, 12 years on, she was still as broken as the night it had occurred.

She had to move on, to do something, anything, with her fractured life.

She blamed herself, and in the small hours of every sleepless night, she replayed all those what if scenarios.

What if she had only had one glass of wine instead of three?

What if she hadn’t taken the shortcut?

What if she hadn’t ignored the stop light?

What if she had managed to brake in time to avoid the collision.

These questions remained without answers and haunted her incessantly.

She’d tried numbing her guilt with wine, or pills, but neither had worked.

Even her weekly sessions with Dr Hamilton hadn’t helped.

It was time to move on.

She put on her darkest of sunglasses and largest of hats and headed, hesitantly, towards the front door.

Her family stood firm behind her.

“Go on darling you’re almost there.”

“You can do it Mum! So proud of you.”

For she was alone in the car that fatal night, the family had taken a taxi.

(200 words)

— 000 —

Sunday is here with another Sunday Photo Fiction challenge. Thanks Donna!

My feature photo is of the bridge leading to Tromso Cathedral which is behind me.

The 28 : Day 15 – Letting go

She felt an oppressive tightness.

Closing her eyes she took a long deep breath, savouring the cool air caressing her nostrils.

She held it in lovingly, before slowly exhaling the now warm breath.

All that tension slowly dissipated.

Relaxed with eyes half closed, her smile blossomed.

(279 chars)

— 000 —

Meet Cyndi. A wonderfully kind soul. I’m lucky to be a FB friend.

I’m so happy that she appreciates my writing, even sharing it sometimes on her wall. In a recent discussion she invited me to take a photo from her albums to use as a photo prompt.

I fell upon this one, my feature photo today, so with her permission I’ve used it as an inspiration for my tweet-sized story today.

The 28 : Day 14 – Object of desire

She wore glass slippers to the Debutantes Ball.

She collected amazing footwear that she slipped sensually onto her pampered feet before admiring them in the multiple mirrors of her amazing bedroom.

That was before the accident that deprived her of both legs.

But not of her smile.

(277 chars)

— 000 —

It’s day 14. I’m officially half way through my challenge to create a tweet-sized story per day for 28 days.

I’m still looking for more photos. Even a link to a photo on Unsplash or Pexels or any other free to use image would be much appreciated.

Today’s photo is from my wifes private collection. Thanks Anne-Claude!

The 28 : Day 13 – One way ticket

(c) Peter @ Peter’s Pondering

One way ticket

Peter took plane from its hiding-place and held it delicately, remembering the sequence along the engines.


It had been a long jump from 2139 to 1939.

He’d got as far as 2019 before the device failed.

The tech wouldn’t be invented for 20 years.

It was going to be a long wait.

— 000 —

Peter’s photo is once again the inspiration for this story. I hope he won’t mind me using his name in this story.

My featured image is a detail of Glamis Castle in Scotland.

The 28 : Day 11 – Sunburst surprise

I thought I’d start this post, by thanking Tatiana for pointing me to her inspiring photo prompt. I think this is the third, which is very generous of her. You can check her out on her blog Travelways.

It’s so much easier for me to write a story when I don’t have to pick the photo myself.

If you’re reading this, please point me to one of your photos, or pick one from the various free to use sites such as unsplash, or pexels, and let me know.

I still have a few slots left, and another 17 days to write these mini-fictions. Thanks!!

Sunburst surprise

I’d planned it meticulously.

The new camera was on a sturdy tripod.

The timing was critical.

Once in a lifetime opportunity.

It would last 3 seconds.

I took a deep breath.

5,4,3,2 ..

O M G!


I drank in the splendour.

Blinded, I couldn’t find the shutter button.

It was over.

Too late!

(280 chars)

— 000 —

Tatiana’s excellent photo is of a Sunburst Over The Canadian Museum Of Civilization, Gatineau, Canada.