Twittering Tales #148

The Helicopter “This’ll flush them out”, I insisted. “Not a chance in hell”, you sneered. I piloted the drone remotely, whilst checking the images on my phone. From here at least it looked impressive. It’s not the size or noise of the beast that matters. “Once we localise them, it’ll be game over!” (280 chars) … Continue reading Twittering Tales #148

Twittering Tales #147

The seaside I savour my morning coffee and watch the news. Childhood memories return of the seaside; sand-castles, vanilla ice-cream, and donkey rides. Now you wouldn’t see me dead in those crowds. It looks like somewhere in hell. The twins bounce in excitedly. Can we go to the seaside Daddy? (277 characters) Twittering tales is … Continue reading Twittering Tales #147

Twittering Tales # 146

Cenote My body screamed at me not to enter but my heart urged me in. Magical and captivating sight. Sun caressed bodies at play on the limpid water. Water that had dragged my beautiful boy into its dark depths the fateful day of his dive into that abyss. Tears of joy when he was rescued. … Continue reading Twittering Tales # 146

Twittering Tales #144

There were savoury biscuits, fresh crusty bread and smelly cheeses but in reality it was always about the wine. Martine always wanted vintage red. As long as she was happy to provide it, we didn’t really care. We were selfish bitches and we had never really warmed to her anyway. (276 chars) My feature photo … Continue reading Twittering Tales #144