Twittering Tales #137

Those that survived named it the Bullet Spider (Bulla Araneae), a mutant species; a consequence of the fifth great nuclear incident. It had a voracious appetite for Silica. No window was safe. Then it invited its spidery companion the Humanis Carnivoris Araneae. In colossal numbers. (279 chars) It’s Tuesday and I’m more or less on … Continue reading Twittering Tales #137

Twittering tales #134

She took the twine bound bundle of musky letters from the box on top of the wardrobe. Amongst the love letters was an official letter dated the 2nd of September 1945. Without opening she mouthed the contents. “… we’re sorry to inform you that his injuries proved fatal …” (272 characters) I’m really enjoying the … Continue reading Twittering tales #134