Balloons over Bagan

I’ve decided to put some order into my videoclips and have been making short videos less than 2.5 minutes and have been putting them on Facebook. I thought I would try and post one here and find out what you think.

My wife and I visited Myanmar in early 2017 and were fortunate to make a Hot Air Balloon ride at sunrise. Here it is!

Daily Post Photo Challenge : Connected

The challenge for this weeks Daily Post Photo Challenge is Connected.

This post  portrays the connection between the Atlantic Ocean (via the Caribbean Sea) and the Pacific Ocean : The Panama Canal.

My wife and I transited earlier this year on the Queen Victoria. It was a memorable passage.

Entering into the Panama Canal from the Caribbean Sea
The Passage at Gatun
Leaving the Gatun Lake
About to pass under the Bridge of the Americas (and into the Pacific Ocean)
An Admiralty Chart of the passage.

This is a rather unusual view of the canal from a first floor cabin!